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Celebrity host/designer Jennifer Convy is a very familiar face in the lifestyle and design arena. It takes a very specific kind of woman to take an audience into the world of high style, design, and travel and make it accessible and fun! She has been the host/design expert every week for five seasons on her own series for the A&E network, “Find and Design.”. She’s currently appearing on Fine Living Channel’s new series “Mail Order Make Over” as well as on “Safari Style”. A one hour special she executive produced, hosted and shot entirely in South Africa, celebrating the wildlife, adventure, art, culture, and luxury design from the private game reserves to sophisticated city of Johannesburg.

Jennifer and her designs are featured regularly on NBC's LX-TV OPEN HOUSE. She appeared daily on her series “Inntimate Escapes” for the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and TLC. And on “Awesome Interiors” on HGTV for ten seasons . She is that special host/expert who has the authority and expertise, accessibility, enthusiasm and humor to make us excited to learn along with her.

Touted as the “Design Guru” by Tyra Banks, where she is a regular guest expert. One network executive calls her as “The David Blaine of room Makeovers! She performs magic with her room transformations!” On “Find & Design” She shows us the true meaning of “Trash to treasure!” In just two days of shopping, a tight budget, she transforms any room using only the things she finds at Flea Markets and garage sales. Jennifer loves the art of the “deal”. .She says “Cheap is good but, FREE is my favorite price!” Her wealth of information and useful design tips are endless. Her clients are always thrilled with her extraordinary vision and emphasis on comfort and style in her designs. Her high energy and sense of humor make the process fun for us all.

In “Inntimate Escapes,” Jennifer introduced us to one-of-a-kind luxury hotels and vacation spots all over the world. Her interest doesn’t end with the facilities, however. In endless, spontaneous, unscripted conversations, she brings the locations themselves to life, exploring their culture and history, art and architecture, food and wine. Making an introduction to an inn a veritable National Geographic article on its surroundings. Traveling to hundreds of locations, she completed sixty episodes of “Inntimate Escapes.”

“Awesome Interiors”on HGTV carried that same Convy stamp. Making great interior design fun and affordable by presenting imaginative new ways to create personal style and comfort. Jennifer called it“MTV meets Martha Stewart on a budget.” Ten seasons and over two hundred homes later, Jennifer has been designing beautiful spaces for TV, her clients, her own homes and the homes of family and friends for years.

Daughter of the late actor, producer, game show host- creator Bert Convy and his comedy writer/ producer wife Anne. She grew up in the entertainment world in New York City and Los Angeles where she was a child performer and dancer. After attending Arizona State University, as a Theater Arts major and performing in many stage productions professionally, she pursued her television career in New York and then Los Angeles where she appeared in many comedy and dramatic series. But Jennifer always had a passion for design and travel. She honed her natural talents and pursued an education in design. She feels like she is the luckiest person in the world. Working with true passion.

Jennifer was also the resident style expert on the USA network makeover series, “Before & Afternoon Movies.” Hosted many specials for HGTV and Fine Living and A&E networks. She has also done makeovers and style segments as a guest design expert on the “Tyra Banks Show” E! networks, “The Leeza Show,” “Woman’s Day,” and Bob Saget’s “The Bob Show.” “Q lunch TV” Her adept shopping skills for fashion as well as home décor have landed her the title of the “Bargain Babe” appearing regularly on KTLA’s morning news as well as NBC’s “The Other Half with Dick Clark.”

Jennifer is now producing and developing new shows. She is also working on a home décor product line. Her new product invention is Water Wraps! Go to coming soon to Bed Bath and Beyond!

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